The student-teacher relationship is the key to a happy violin experience, and we knew we had hit the jackpot when we met Maija while searching for a teacher for our daughter. She is the perfect mix of firmness and fun, progress and spontaneity, encouragement and wisdom. Our daughter has thrived under Maija's teaching, and has become a beautiful violinist in her own right.

Violinist and Mother of violin student

Maija's amazing ability to creatively customize violin instruction into a fun and engaging activity for young children is truly a gift.

- Lisa Owens, M.D., Newton, MA, Mother of 2 violin students

Our son was Maija's student from the time he could hold the violin until he became a middle schooler. With each age, she was able to tailor the lessons to his strengths and interests. When he had trouble sitting still, she had fun tricks to get him set-up quickly and properly. When he had limited patience for practicing, she set up new challenges and goals that he could meet. When he came to her with a piece of music he wanted to play or a new style, she found ways to work it into his lessons. Her warmth and kindness made lessons fun and productive. Our son invariably left whistling the tunes he'd learned and felt good about becoming a violinist.

Mother of violin student  

Maija is a gifted teacher who clearly enjoys working with children and adolescents. Our daughter studied violin with Maija for almost 10 years. During that time, Maija was able to adjust her teaching style and approach to accommodate not only our daughter's levels, but her moods and varying levels of interest as well.  Maija is challenging,  but also supportive and reassuring.  It's been a joy to watch our daughter progress, as well as the other students we've come to know through her violin studio.

Mother of violin student

Maija has an amazing ability to adapt her teaching methods to different kinds of learners. She figures out how each student learns best, then uses the most effective methods for that student and she adapts as kids grow. My daughters and I have been taking violin and viola lessons from Maija for 9 years, and she teaches each one of us differently. For my daughter who only bothers to practice if she's in a competition, Maija makes up games, self-challenges, and competitions to keep her practicing week by week. For my diligent but anxious daughter, she figures out how to help her relax and focus on one thing at a time. For me, stage-shy and uncoordinated, she sets manageable goals and slowly keeps improving my basic technique. Somehow she makes learning fun, yet keeps us on task. A great balance between a teacher, a role model, a taskmaster and a friend.

Adult viola student and father of 2 violin students

We are constantly amazed and impressed with Maija's ability to teach our two (very different) children.  She works with each child's needs and personalities so well.  She is able to hold their interest, and support their enthusiasm every step of the way and on an individual basis.  Our children love playing the violin because Maija makes it so lovable!

- Mother of 2 violin students